Every industries need an effective solution to manage their employee payroll processing.These include managing employee salaries, overall payroll related reports, managing tax and compliance, leave and attendance and much more.

It is possible to manage end to end payroll processing very cost-effectively. This reduces the complexity of the organization’s payroll processing and makes the entire payroll process very reliable and flexible

  • Handling of HR & Payroll Services and employment taxes
  • HR & Payroll Compliance reporting as per government published timelines
  • Employee Retierals program
  • Employee Flexible & Retirements Benefits Plans – As per company policy
  • Employees’ compensation – As per company policy
  • Ensuring workplace safety and risk management
  • Compliance with existing employees’ related laws
  • Facilitation services in recruiting, including applicant tracking and initial screening of jobpostings and background checks
  • Employee Assistance Programs – facilitation to qualified counselors for employees for better financial planning
  • Total Outsourcing, involving complete replacement of the in-house HR & Payroll function